Spiritual Gifts &
Natural Talents

Exactly what are Spiritual Gifts and how are they different than Natural Talent? Are they limited to things like psychic abilities? Here we’ll take a closer look at this subject and how it relates to Spiritual Healing.

I’ve found that these are two descriptions of the same thing. But what’s important to this subject is how it relates to Spiritual Healing. When working with people I find that some of the most profound “healing” is coming to understand, appreciate and value themselves.

Before working with me, some of my clients find that they are uncomfortable, or even unwilling, to charge for a service that they label as a Spiritual Gift or simply because it comes to them as a Natural Talent.

What are Spiritual Gifts?

Most people limit the term Spiritual Gifts to metaphysical skills. If someone is able to see ghosts or spirit guides we might call her “gifted”.

I also include Natural Talents in this category because I find that many of my clients have similar issues with these “gifts” as with the more metaphysical gifts. Often people will discount their natural talents or let them go undeveloped.

Some people feel that their “gifts are from God and therefore should not be charged for the service but only to be given away.” But let’s take a closer look at these gifts.

Who Am I?

In other pages we’ve talked about how each one of us is the sum total of every lifetime that we’ve ever been. So even though I am uniquely Patrick Rodriguez right now, many of my natural talents and abilities came to me as “gifts” because of some hard work that past Incarnations put in way before me.

From a very early age I found that I love public speaking. I’m very comfortable speaking in front of groups of people, and the more the merrier. I was amazed when I found that the “fear of public speaking” was a leading fear among many people.

Spiritual Gifts and Natural Talents

So is speaking in front of people a “Spiritual Gift”? Or is it, as some people would say, a “Natural Talent”? The more I used Past Life Regression (PLR) with clients, the more that I found that each “natural talent” came from a lot of hard work in previous lifetimes.

In my own past life regressions I found that I had been an accomplished teacher and speaker in many lifetimes. And in each life, including this one, I put in effort to regain those talents and develop them to be stronger.

Even today I continue to develop this skill by teaching classes, workshops and lectures. This is something that I enjoy doing, and I’m constantly working to improve my effectiveness when communicating.

Honoring the Gift

It’s useful to recognize that what is a gift to you today is really the result of a LOT of effort and dedication in many previous lives. It’s natural to honor what you work for and put your best efforts into.

By honoring the past efforts of other incarnations, we learn to value our Self. And this is an excellent step in the journey of living the life you truly desire.

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