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The Aura, The Energy Body
and Emotional Healing


The Aura and Energy Body may seem a bit New Agey but it's actually an important part of healing emotions. This is the "glowing" of the Energy Body, and that's where most emotional problems begin with.

When it comes to healing emotions through Spiritual methods, the base principle is that negative emotions are nothing more than "stuck energy" within the Energy Body. This the radiance, or "glowing", that many people can either see or sense.

Energy Body and Emotions

Let's take a closer look at the theory of how the Energy Body and Emotions relate.

Occasionally I'll have someone start talking to me about a situation in their life and I can see that they're fighting back the tears. The emotions are trapped inside just begging to come out!

So what is it that holds the tears back? Why is it that we don't allow the pain to come out? Well for one, it Hurts! And who wants to feel pain?

But sometimes that the quickest way to Release the stored pain, is to just feel it and let the tears come. Or it might be that it's the emotion of anger or resentment that's trapped inside. Whatever the emotion is it just needs to come out.

Stuck Emotions and the Physical Body

The normal state of Emotions is flowing. Emotions and energy are meant to flow. When emotions are flowing there are no problems. However, when emotions get clogged because they are being suppressed or held back, that's when they start to become a problem.

When the emotions are flowing we know that the Energy Body is in good shape. We can see the effects of this in the Physical Body. There's no aches and pains and good flexibility.

When emotions are stuck, or not flowing, this then causes disruptions. Stress can cause many problems throughout the body but let's take a look at one example.

Not long ago I was working with Patti. She had very tense muscles ALL of the time. Her body would get cramps everywhere from neck, shoulders, legs and even her fingers. She would often take muscle relaxing medications but her doctors told her that she just needed to relax and not work so much anymore.

I told Patti that we wouldn't be working on her Physical Body, but rather we would try to find if there were any emotions underlying these physical symptoms. As we began to work together in releasing emotions she began to feel less tensions in her physical body over time. She was also surprised to find that she was now able to perform several yoga positions that she was previously unable to perform.

Do We Need To See The Aura?


In classes I'm often asked if you can learn to see the Aura. My standard response is that you don't need to it to know if it's working well.

The Aura is only a reflection of the flow of the Energy Body. It can be compared to a light bulb. If the light bulb is glowing, you know that the light switch is turned on.
When a person is fluid and flexible the physical light switch is on and there is energy flow. You and I know that the Aura is doing well because we can see the Physical Body is functioning well and there are no suppressed emotions or tears being held back.

When a person is tense, stressed and has several physical pains, the light switch is jammed and there is no energy flow. We know that the Aura isn't doing well because we can see that the Physical Body isn't functioning well and there are many suppressed emotions and tears, or other emotions, just waiting to come out.

This is a very simple definition of what the aura is, as it applies to Emotional Healing. For a more complete understanding please see, Complete Aura Details.

Releasing Emotions and Flowing Energy

You and I, as Emotional Healers and facilitators, always need to remember that the basis of all Spiritual Healing is that the hurts and problems a person experiences are nothing more than Stuck Energy within the Energy Body. It is our job to assist in Releasing the energy of the emotions within the Energy Body.

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