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Contacting Spirit Guides


Contacting Spirit Guides can be a very fun and exciting adventure. It can also be a very frustrating task that you may never receive solid answers from. The key is to learn to work with what you have.

But the good news is that you don’t need to have a “dialogue” and be on a first name basis with your spiritual helpers to start getting some great results.


Natural Psychics

The problem that many people have when trying to make contact, is that we compare our own experience to the experiences of some gifted natural psychics.

For some people, contacting spirit guides comes naturally and easily. From childhood on they have an awareness of non-physical beings and entities. They’ve cultivated their relationship with these spiritual helpers so that communication is as easy as picking up the phone.

But for most of us that are used to ONLY the physical realities, we’re used to hearing voices only when we know that someone is speaking to us, or when the television or radio is playing in the background. If we were to hear a voice in our head, we KNOW that it is our own thoughts.

But it’s that same certainty that prevents us from contacting spirit guides and other spiritual helpers. We need to learn to let go of what we think we know so that we can begin the experience of communicating with our own spirit guides.

Allowing Contact With Spirit Guides

The more that you learn to let go and allow your guides to communicate with you, the more that you will find coincidences and synchronicities become a part of your reality.

Contacting spirit guides can be as simple as silently asking your guide for help. Personally I find that it helps me to write out what I want first, and then to ask my guides to help. I find that the “turning it over” to them helps to ease my mind while also making it possible for my guides to start doing their work without me getting in the way.

One excellent method for receiving messages is to write out questions for your guides to answer. Then allow yourself to become silent and centered. Next “pretend” that the answers are coming to you from your guides as you write out the answer.

At first it probably will really just be your own imagination, but eventually you’ll get a definite sense that your guides are really communicating with you.

I also recommend using Guided Meditation recordings to help with initially making contact.

Additional Reading

I know that some people will want more than just the simple exercises given here. And that’s where books have an edge over web pages.

There are many excellent books and recordings available for contacting spirit guides. Two of my favorite authors on the subject are Doreen Virtue and Sylvia Browne. I enjoy each of their writing styles and humor.

Sylvia Browne

If you haven’t read any of Sylvia Browne’s books or seen her on television yet you’ve missed a talented and entertaining psychic and teacher.

And if you have seen her on television, or read any of her books, you’ll know that she definitely has her own opinions on the metaphysical world. But if you’re willing to look past her strongly stated opinions, Sylvia Browne writes some great books with often very useful methods and techniques.

Contacting Your Spirit Guide, by Sylvia Browne

This book goes beyond the simple exercises that I give here. I don’t always agree with the details of her teachings, but Sylvia Browne has made the world of spirits guides “safe and accessible” to the mainstream. So it’s okay if she cuts a few corners. ;)

Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue tends to use the terms spirit guides and angels as the same thing. While I don’t agree with that definition, I still love her books and recordings.

How to Hear Your Angels by Doreen Virtue is an excellent book for learning how to start contacting spirit guides.

I find that most of the books and recordings by Doreen Virtue are awesome. What I love about her material is that she gives information and advice that you can put into use immediately.

Doreen Virtue was a clinical psychologist before she had her own metaphysical breakthroughs. Now she exclusively writes, teaches and counsels people using what she calls, Angel Therapy.

Help with Contacting Spirit Guides

I believe that enlisting the help of your guides in healing can be a huge asset. Outside help and simple techniques and methods can also help you to learn to see subtleties that you may have overlooked while working on your own.

If you’d like one-on-one help with contacting your own spirit guides I invite you to call or write me from my Personal Sessions page. 

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