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The Principles of
The Ego Personality

The Ego Personality is our entire existence for most people. All that we will ever do or act upon is dictated by our self-perception. So how do we change this to start having the life that we really want?


What Is The Ego Personality?

What makes two people with almost identical backgrounds live such vastly different lives? Two brothers can be raised in poverty. While one grows up to live on government welfare programs, the second has a flourishing career, owns his own home and drives a sports car.

Two sisters were both abused in childhood by their father. One becomes a drug-addicted prostitute while the other raises a nourishing family. And we see examples of this everyday.

The difference is not in the environment, the physical attributes or even in the emotional attributes. The real difference in in the perception that these people have of themselves and the meaning that they attached to their life experiences.

It is this consciousness of perception and meaning that make up the Ego Personality.

EP = P + M
Ego Personality = Perceptions of Self + Meanings Attached To Life Experiences From The Past

Preferences, Desires and Aversions

Understanding the Ego Personality at a basic level is really just understanding preferences, desires and aversions. If we're going into an ice cream shop together, my first choice is usually chocolate chip. That's my preference. I'm not attached to it and it I see or taste something better I might choose something different. Your preference may be chocolate. Again, you may change your mind but that's your preference.

Desires and aversions are what move us into action. When we have a desire for something we move toward it. When we have an aversion towards something we move away from it. This is discussed more in-depth in the Desires and Aversions page.

So let's put this all together. When the Ego Personality is doing it's job well it has preferences, desires and aversions. It knows that it is the consciousness that perceives and not the physical body, mind or emotions. But what happens when the Ego begins identifying itself as a physical being? Here's were the system starts to break down.

Identifying As The Body

When Sally came to see me it was because she had a significant weight problem, among other things in her life. One of the problems that we found was that she identified herself with her weight. She was 5'4" and weighed over 200 pounds. In her mind she was a failure, despite all of the other successful areas of her life.

As we worked through her perceptions and self-image, she found that it became easy to eliminate "nervous snacking" as she had called it. She also found that she was starting to look forward to going to the gym for the experience and not to beat herself up for being fat. Making these small shifts in perception were enough to allow her to start taking new actions and choices that brought her Personality in line with her goal of loosing weight.

Life Experiences and Personal Reality

In a sense, the Ego Personality will define our reality. Whatever we experience will be filtered through our individual Personalities. Our life experiences become Personal Reality when they are first filtered through the Ego Personality.

Personal Reality = Experience / (filtered by) Ego Personality

If you and I both go on a rollercoaster together, we will have the same outer experience. We will both wait in the same line, we will both go up and we will both drop as the ride races through twists and turns.

I love rollercoasters! I'll come off the ride and want to jump right back on again. I'll talk on and on about the various twists and turns and the excitement of the ride and how it all seemed to end too fast. Now let's say that you're not a fan of rollercoasters. You might just be glad that the ride is over and feel that it lasted way too long.

The Life Experience was the same for us both. Each of our Ego Personalities, with our own preferences, filtered the experience to become our own Personal Reality.

Can We Change The Ego Personality?

So now we take everything that we've learned about the Personality and put it together. If the Ego Personality is nothing more than the consciousness and the perceptions of all parts of our Being, can we change those perceptions to become inline with our conscious goals and desires? And this is the real question when discussing Emotional Healing.

Of course very few people would want to go through any effort to make a Personality change just to enjoy riding a rollercoaster, but almost everyday someone new will come to me wanting to change his self-image, or her ability to manage stress or relief from anxiety. And the list goes on and on. Life is an amusement park, and all we need sometimes is just a shift in the Ego Personality to start enjoying the ride.

In short, Yes we can change the Personality. The change is simple but not without effort. The real change is a change in perception. By changing how we perceive any area of life, we change who we are.


The Ego Personality is the combination of all the perceptions that we have of ourselves plus the all the meanings that we attach to each of life experiences in our past.

EP = P + M
Ego Personality = Perceptions of Self + Meanings Attached To Life Experiences From The Past

Our Personal Reality is the moment-by-moment Experience filtered through our Ego Personality.

Personal Reality = Experience / (filtered by) Ego Personality

Continuing With Change

The difficulty that happens when we try to make a Personality change is that our entire subconscious is pre-programmed to keep the status quo of the existing views and perspectives. In order to really make a lasting change, we need to involve the subconscious, as well as the conscious mind.

As Emotional Healers and facilitators, you and I need to remember to work within the boundaries of how people view themselves. By learning how our client�s Personalities perceive themselves, we learn how to use and modify those perceptions towards what they really want and desire.

In the next section we�ll be continuing with discussing how the Subconscious Mind and the Ego Personality work together and how we can use this dynamic to make lasting changes.

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