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Emotional Healing
Methods & Techniques

Emotional Healing Methods and Techniques is where we start to use and combine all of the principles from previous pages. Some of these methods you might already be familiar with, but by applying them using the models from other pages it becomes like a brand new technique.

I’m always asked, what types of techniques do I use? So here I’ll list the primary methods and techniques that I use but I’ll rarely stick to using any one technique during a session.

One of the greatest techniques that I’ve found so far has been the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). EFT is an excellent for self-help and can easily be learned by virtually anyone. I'll very often assign my clients “homework” using EFT for dealing with follow-up emotions.

My introduction to the world of emotional healing methods was studying with Anthony Robbins and learning his own technique, Nuero-Associative Conditioning. I believe that it still is an excellent model but it never became as popular as the system that Robbins started with, NLP.

Nuero Linguistic Programming, most commonly known as NLP is still one of my main tools. The models of NLP are among the best for helping people to either associate, or disassociate, with strong feelings.

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy are two emotional healing methods that I still very much use and enjoy. I believe that using hypnotherapy is one of the best methods of accessing the subconscious mind and quickly uncovering core-issues.

Ericksonian Hypnosis is my preferred form of hypnosis because it relies on subtle "story telling" rather than deep trance states from clients.

One specific form of hypnotherapy that I find very useful at times is, Age Regression Therapy. This is often useful when someone is experiencing stuck emotions from a specific event from their past.

A subset of the Regression technique is Past Life Regression Therapy. I’ve also found it interesting that in some cases I'll be using Age Regression and a client will spontaneously fall into a past-life memory. This has helped many of my clients with a variety of issues.

Creative Visualization is one of my favorite emotional healing methods because many people that can’t allow themselves to be hypnotized will allow themselves to create images and imagine stories. The visualization then becomes a healing metaphor and a tool for transformation.

I’ll also use Healing Visualizations to guide people through releasing emotions and overcoming self-imposed limitations.

Something that I'll often use is simply Forgiveness, and more specifically, Self-Forgiveness. This is often required when working through feelings of guilt and shame.

In cases of traumatic events, forgiveness is just too much to ask for some people. In these cases we work with Self Acceptance in place of Forgiveness. This has been very effective for many of my clients.

A technique that I’ve developed and use frequently is the Permission Technique. This has been amazingly effective at clearing out feelings of anger, blame, rage and many other chronic emotions for people.

So as you might be able to tell, each session can be unique. Whether you’re working with me, another facilitator or even self-help, there are many different methods and techniques to choose from. My goal here is to share many that have worked well for me in the hopes that they will also work for you and bring you the life you deserve to be living.

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The EFT Manual by Gary Craig is the official manual for Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).  This is the method that I most recommend for people looking for self-help methods that really work.

EFT is a simple method that can be used by anyone to relieve a wide variety of issues.  I've personally founded it particularly useful as a tool for removing the emotional intensity of many past traumatic memories and life events.


What I love about The Healing Code by Alexander Loyd is that this program outlines a step-by-step approach to self-acceptance, and thus healing the soul.

Dr. Loyd offers very easy to follow directions that consist of using hand positions, energy and self-acceptance by healing the emotional wounds of the past.  I highly recommend this book.



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