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The Guilty Conscious

A guilty conscious from past mistakes, or even misdeeds, can be destructive to your current well-being and quality of life. Here we'll talk about what is a guilty conscious then how to let it go in order to start living the life you really want.


What is a Guilty Conscious?

A guilty conscious is a normal human response. It's the emotional response that comes as a result of some action that we've labeled, or even perceived, as being "bad" or "wrong."

In some cases people may even experience guilt or shame for events that were not even under their direct control.

I've worked with a few veterans that suffered from an intense guilt simply because they came home while their friends were still in service.  In one case, a returning vet was experiencing severe guilt after his friend had died in combat.  He felt that IF he would have been there his friend may not have died.

These are extreme but real examples of how someone can feel guilt for something that isn't under their control. So now the question becomes how to let go of these feelings of guilt.

How to Let Go of Feelings of Guilt

When working with clients to let go of feelings of guilt, the first step, and often the hardest step, is having the willingness to let go of these feelings.

Once the you're willing to let go of the feelings, we then work on the actual process of letting go.

The process of letting go of these feelings of guilt will vary with each person depending on how that individual holds on to the feelings.

A process that I'll often choose to use for people that were never in direct control of the event that they have guilty feelings is to first "accept" the event. 

Although almost everyone will intellectually be willing to admit to the action, I've found that the majority of people will secretly deny their experience when it comes to their emotions. So intellectually they are willing to accept the event, but emotionally they remain in denial that they were ever involved.

By going back in your mind and just fully emotionally accepting what happened actually DID happen is often enough to release tremendous levels of guilt.

Many people have discovered a new freedom in life just by giving their Self the permission to feel, and then let go of these past emotionally haunting events.

For many of my clients I do little more to create this safe-place where they can experience and examine their own emotions and let go of past hurts and feelings.

If you're ready to start letting go of past events and guilty conscious let's find out if Emotional and Spiritual Healing is right for you.  I invite you to visit my Personal Sessions page for more information on how you can receive your first Trial Session free. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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Recommended books on releasing guilt:

Guilt is the Teacher, Love is the Lesson by Joan Borysenko is one of the best books I've found on the subject of guilt and healing.

Dr. Borysenko gives a how-to guide on healing guilt for emotional and physical well-being.




Goodbye to Guilt by Gerald Jampolsky is a treat as he carries his message forward from the classic, "Love is Letting Go of Fear".

Jampolsky brings home the message from his first book and applies the message towards releasing guilt in our lives.

This has become one of my favorite quotes, "Love is  where there is no fear. Fear is where there is no love."


Recommended Personal Development Programs:


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