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The Online Guide to
Emotional Healing and Spiritual Healing

I've been passionate about Emotional Healing for over 20 years. And when I started using Spiritual Healing I was amazed at how it all began to come together and make sense.

When I started using these methods, once only known to Shamans and Medicine Men, I started to know how unique and resourceful we really are.

At times I'm called a Spiritual Healer, an Emotional Healer, a Coach or just someone that's able to help. What's taken me over 20 years to learn and develop I'll be sharing here with you in the pages that follow. I'll be bringing you the best of what I've learned and use for myself and others.

I'll be sharing the background, basics, definitions and how-to's on various methods, practices and techniques that I use to help others. And these same principles and methods can also be used for Self-Help.

Finally, this site is for everyone that is ready for your own personal healing journey using Spiritual methods and practices.

My sincere wish is that whether or not we ever directly work together that you find the answers that you're searching for.  And for further reading please visit my Bookstore page.

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Spiritual Healing Principles and Theories
Understanding of underlying theories of Spiritual Healing and how the body, mind and spirit work together for overall well-being.

Counseling and Psychotherapy
Counseling and psychotherapy each have their place in helping people to live fuller lives. I’m often asked if Spiritual Healing is the same as these practices and what’s the difference.

The Subconscious Mind
How do we begin healing emotions when we don't know what they are, or how they got there? Sure the subconscious mind may hold all the answers, but how do we get to them?

No Such Thing As A Negative Emotion?
Does it really make sense that we're all born with such a wide range of positive and negative emotions if we're only supposed to experience the positive one's? Is there really such a thing as positive and negative emotions?

The Guilty Conscious
A guilty conscious from past mistakes, or even misdeeds, can be destructive to your current well-being and quality of life...

The Aura, The Energy Body and Emotional Healing
The Aura and Energy Body may seem New Agey but it's actually an important part of healing emotions. The Aura reflects the Energy Body and that's where most of the emotional problems begin...

Gratitude, Appreciation and Understanding
An important part of Spiritual Healing is learning to understand and use Gratitude and Appreciation for yourself and others...

Reincarnation Past Life and Emotional Healing
A common response to dealing with emotional-issues from past lives is, Why should I have to clean up the mess that someone else left? Reincarnation Past Life issues are a lot like that ...

Emotional Healing Methods and Techniques
Emotional Healing Methods and Techniques is where we start to use all of the Spiritual Healing principles that I’ve been talking about in previous pages...

Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels
I’m often asked questions about Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels. Is there a difference between the two? Can they help you when you need them? What can they do for you?

Good Karma and Bad Karma
Ever wonder what is Good Karma and Bad Karma? The words are used a lot but let's take a closer look at what they are and how to start releasing it in your life.

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
The Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT, has become one of my favorite techniques in Emotional Healing. Let’s talk about what it is, how it works and how you can start using it for yourself.

Relationship Breakups
Relationship breakups can be one of the most painful emotional experiences that we may ever have to go through in this lifetime...

Los Angeles Hypnotherapy
Hypnotherapy services in Los Angeles metro area.

Building Intuition
Learning to develop your intuition through meditation, chakra clearing and intuitive exercises.

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