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Mind Body Emotions Connection
Thought Processes

The Mind Body Emotions (or Mind Body Spirit) connection is now almost a household catch-phrase. Now let's take a closer look at how the connection can be applied to Emotional Healing.

Change Your Thinking and Change Your Life

This has been the battle cry of the Positive Motivational movement for decades. And to a large extent they're right.

The Spiritual Body is made up of different parts, including the Mind. When any part of the whole is affected, the entire Spiritual Body is affected.

And so the Positive Motivational gurus have every right to celebrate their victories, except when "positive thinking" isn't enough. By using the concepts of the Mind Body Emotions as a whole, we have more resources at our disposal to heal ourselves and others.

Thinking Is Always Involved

By the time we begin looking for help we usually already have had years of conditioned thinking and thought processes to support the emotional condition. Typically a person who has challenges that can be solved with a change in thinking won't be looking any further than a self-help book.

So in addition to any other technique used to do Emotional Healing, we also have to change the way that we process the thoughts that trigger the unwanted emotional response. If we don't change the way that we react to situations (ie. thinking process), we will continue to have the same or similar emotional responses.

Conditioned Thinking

People are conditioned to think in the ways that they do. This is just a normal part of life. We are taught by our parents at first, then teachers and other role models. As we mature we learn to apply the same thought patterns over and over until they become real for us.

And even when the patterns of thinking are based on false assumptions we still continue to run the same pattern, because that is what we have been conditioned to do. As a result, it becomes important to remember that the Mind must be re-conditioned in ways that will continue to support the Emotional Healing work done by the facilitator or therapist.

When using any Mind Body Emotions Healing Method or Technique, it becomes very useful to remember conditioning the Mind to think in new ways that support our desired way of thinking. This is actually much more simple, and quicker, than it may appear at first. This is covered in-depth in the The Conscious and the Other-Than Conscious Thought Patterns section.

Logic versus Emotions

When retraining the Mind and thinking patterns, Logic is all that is needed; however, it's the emotional blocks that will prevent the Mind from allowing the choice to think differently.

We have to use the Logic of the Mind's thinking to assist in releasing the emotional blocks.

In the Underlying Emotions and Root Causes section we'll be taking a detailed look at how to find the reasons for underlying emotions. But to illustrate how Logic is used we'll take a glimpse here.

People think logically, but we react emotionally. Let's remember that as we look closer at Logic and Mind Body Emotions.

Let's imagine a woman that repeatedly chooses abusive relationships. We find that she grew up in a home with an abusive father. But now we need to find out what makes her identify with the victim role, while her sister who grew up in the same home has refused to ever allow abusive men into her life.

At first the woman in our example may seek help with her continued choices in relationships. But as we get closer to the underlying Root Causes, she may get a more clear understanding of her choices.

By helping her to determine the Root Causes, she is then able to make the Logical choice to Release the emotions that keep her locked into the abusive relationship patterns. It then becomes a straight forward process for the facilitator or therapist to apply Mind Body Emotions Healing Methods and Techniques to release the patterns.

The Personality and Thinking

The challenge with changing the way that we think is when the person Identify's herself with the thoughts. When she makes the claim about her thoughts, "This is who I am," the Personality has now become involved.

The task of the effective facilitator or therapist is to now separate the Personality from the Thought Process. By first logically introducing that she is not her thoughts, but she is much more than what she thinks about, the facilitator can then move her into the emotions of who she is.

The fact that the Personality is identifying with a thinking process is often enough to clue us that the client is emotionally detached. The key now becomes using Mind Body Emotions Healing Methods to assist her to begin to feel her own feelings once again.

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