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Psychic Advisors

Psychic Advisors can be an excellent resource for getting information, direction and insights when involved in your own healing work; however, they should not be considered as a replacement or substitute for doing your own work when it comes to Emotional and Spiritual healing.

Many people seek out psychic advisors for help in clearing away situations from their life. They look to the advisor to take away the hurt from a lost relationship or to give them a new relationship. People go to psychics find them a job or tell them where to live or what major decision to make in life.

However, even the best psychics can only tell you the most probable outcome based on current patterns of actions, or energies. They cannot help people change a situation or outcome.

Using Psychic Advisors


Psychic Reader

Another term for Psychic Advisors is a Psychic Reader. I prefer this term because it more accurately depicts what the psychic does. The Reader reads energy or energy patterns. In seeing these energy patterns the Reader is able to see probable outcomes for the client.

As an example, let�s say that I observe a man digging a hole with a shovel. I can see that he�s brought his lunch, an ice chest for extra water and a wheel-barrel to haul away excess dirt. My observation is that I �see� this man will soon have a deep hole in his future.

In very simple terms, the Psychic Reader is able to tell the probable future by reading the energy of the present. These images will often come as snapshot images or movies that present themselves as �THE outcome�. However, what is being seen is only the most probable outcome based on current actions.

How Does a Psychic Read the Future?

A Psychic Advisor is a person that uses his/her psychic abilities to reach out into the unknown to get clarity and advice for the client. However, this �unknown� is not too mysterious and can be accessible to anyone that is willing to take the time and energy to learn these skills.

These are the primary types of Psychic Reader abilities:

  • Clairvoyance: This is the art of �seeing� things which are beyond the �normal� capabilities of a human being. An advisor with clairvoyant abilities will usually see things in the form of colors, images and scenes.

  • Clairaudience: This is when the advisor �hears� things. Most advisors with this skill claim to be gathering information from Spirit Guides or Guardian Angels.

  • Clairsentience: This is when the advisor is said to have a �knowing� of events or outcomes for the client.

What is key to this process is that we should always keep in mind that psychics can only provide information and insights, at their best. At their worse, they provide their own interpretations and assessments of their information and offer advice on actions that the client should take based on their own beliefs, fears, or self-interest.

When to use Psychic Advisors

I am not against using Psychic Advisors. I am only against using psychics in any form as a replacement for doing one�s own healing.

Often people go to advisors wanting remedies like gemstones, spells and potions. But there are no miraculous cures. No spell, no candle, no potion and no gemstone will work, if you don�t believe it to work. 

All these things affect you on a psychological level more often than not. This alone should be enough to choose your own healing method over Psychic Advisors when that is what is needed.

And there is no guarantee of 100% accuracy with Psychic abilities. There are things which psychic advisors can see, or feel which may not have a timeline attached to it. Some advisors have a long term view of things. Some see or get an immediate feel of things. It is simply a question of faith and belief.

If you are only looking for insights or a different perspective of a situation, I fully endorse the use of psychics. But if you are looking to be free of emotional, mental or spiritual pain, I recommend looking at a healing method for your own true freedom and well-being.

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