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Reading Auras and 
Emotional Healing

Reading auras and having your aura read by someone can be very tricky. There are many reasons to not take any �reading� too seriously and, when it comes to the subject of Healing, there are not too many reasons to have it done in the first place.


What is an Aura?

The aura is the �glow� that can be seen around a person. There are various definitions of what causes this glow but the one I prefer is that, �It is the radiance around and from the energy body of the individual.�

Many people have the ability to clearly see auras. They can usually be seen as as a gentle glow surrounding the body. Some people can also see or perceive colors coming from the energy. These colors are usually represented by one or more of the seven main energy centers of the body referred to as chakras.

In Eastern philosophies, and in Chinese medicine, each of the seven energy centers governs specific emotions and organs of the body.

Reading Auras and Emotional Healing

Unfortunately, many gifted people with the ability to see auras will have a tendency to interpret what they are seeing based only on limited information from the client.

When the healer bases his interpretations only on what he is "seeing", rather than listening to what the person is saying, very often many inaccurate assumptions are made even with the well-intentioned healer.

Reading auras are not often "accurate" because they are "filtered" through the reader's own interpretations, beliefs and judgments. Only the reader that is completely free of bias can fully see or perceive the aura and know that it is only "of the moment". They then can comment only on what they see accurately.

Any reader that offers an "interpretation" of what they see is acting upon his own bias, judgment and beliefs. And since we all have some kinds of bias, no aura reading is ever fully accurate. However, aura readings can offer insights but only from a reader that is detached from the outcome.

Another reason for this is that the aura is always in flux. The aura is based on emotions and energy flow. At any moment the aura may appear as different colors or vibrations based on your current thoughts, which then trigger emotions and energy.

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