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Reincarnation Past Life
and Emotional Healing

 A common response to dealing with emotional-issues from a reincarnation past life is, Why should I have to clean up the mess that someone else left?

Past Life issues are a lot like that. Someone who we don't know and that we'll never meet has caused countless problems for you and I in this present life.

 I'm often asked, "Do you really believe in Past Lives and Reincarnation?" In fact, I do believe that these things probably do exist. However, I've found that you don't have to believe that they exist in order to use the Working Model of Reincarnation Past Life to have it be effective in Emotional Healing.

What Is A Reincarnation Past Life?

Reincarnation is the belief that all humans have existed as an immortal soul before birth and will be reborn into new bodies after the current incarnation.

A brief overview of the process is that after the death of the current incarnation, the Personality will merge back with the Soul. The Soul will then assess all the experiences from the incarnation and choose its next life.

For a more detailed account of the Soul's adventure and how it makes the choices in preparing for the next incarnation please see, The Reincarnation Process.

Reincarnation Past Life Regression

A Past Life Regression (PLR) is a hypnosis method of assisting a person into a relaxed state, and then guiding them back in time. The person may experience the event as a memory or simply as a "knowing". They may not know how they know, but they will have a certainty about the event.

A Hypnotic Regression can also be used to re-experience an event from earlier in this life, such as childhood or even infancy.

When I use PLR, I simply ask the subconscious mind to, "take us back to the originating event that started this current condition."

Past Life Trauma

Whenever I do PLR with a client I'm still always amazed how the person can be so affected by something that seems to have occurred many years before they were even born.

In some cases it's a traumatic death that holds fear in place in this life. At other times it may have been some life-altering event from a past life.

In some cases people seem to recreate similar circumstances from past lives in this current life. When this happens it seems to be an attempt to "get it right this time".

After having experienced many regressions with many clients, I've come to the conclusion that the normal everyday experiences of our past lives help to create our current predisposition, but it's the tragedy's that create emotional blocks and anxiety's in this life.

That's not to say that all of the problems of today are the result of past lives, but after having done many regressions, I began to see similar patterns replaying themselves with more than one client.

Phobias and Reincarnation Past Life

One of the more interesting outcomes in using the Reincarnation Past Life Working Model is witnessing the disappearance of fears and phobias almost immediately in many cases.

Jenny had experienced herself in another lifetime as a little girl from a small village. One day the village was attacked by soldiers (she didn't know the reason). Her parents forced (past life) Jenny down into a small hole and covered it to keep her safe from the invaders. Jenny was alone and terrified in this small dark place. In the morning she climbed out of the hole to find her village destroyed and her parents missing.

When Jenny came back into consciousness from this very intense experience she excused herself to go to the washroom. There she found that she was surprised that she did not feel any of the feelings of discomfort that she normally felt from my small washroom. I invited her to try going back in and turning off the lights. She was amazed that she could also do this without any of the panic or anxiety that would normally come from a confined space, even with the lights on. Jenny's "claustrophobia" had disappeared.

Reincarnation Past Life Theory versus Accuracy

I'm sometimes asked how can I be certain if what the person is saying during the regression is really true. My standard response to this question is, "It doesn't matter." It doesn't at all matter if it's true or some elaborate fantasy if it reaps the results of Emotional Healing that we're after.

Did it matter to Jenny if she really was a little girl that was put in a hole while her village was being raided? Maybe, but it's definitely significant to her that she no longer has anxiety in small confined spaces.

As Emotional Healers, you and I want to use whatever Working Model is appropriate. As long as there's no harm or danger at risk to ourselves or the other person, it doesn't matter if reincarnation is true or not.

When it comes to beliefs the question isn't whether they are true or not, but rather are they useful or not?

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