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The Reincarnation Process

So let's say that reincarnation does exist. But why does it exist, and why do we keep coming back? Ever just want to know how the process works?


What Is Reincarnation?

The generally accepted view is that we exist as an Immortal Soul prior to entry in our current physical body. As a Soul, you and I may have Grandiose Ideas about what we want to experience or accomplish during the physical life that we're planning out.

For some of us we want to ease the suffering of others in some way. For others it's the cause of leadership. And for others it's teaching people about God and the Universe. Yep, it pretty much always starts with these types of Grandiose Ideas.

The Plan of the Soul

Now with this lofty vision our naive little Soul takes his game-plan to some kind of council or committee for review. We're advised that this is some great plan. They're usually optimistic. But you forgot to include some important details. They reassure you that it's just all part of the reincarnation process.

They advise you that in order to become the person that can do all of these wonderful things you will need to go through a series of "learning experiences" that will help to shape and mould you into the person that you need to become.

In addition, you're reminded that you left some things undone in previous lives that you'll need to clear up. You're also reminded of those past debts that you had wanted to payoff. Oh, and remember those fears you never got past in your last incarnations? You'll want to clear those up while you're down there too.

With the enthusiasm and naivety of a child that just wants to get to the Amusement Park, you readily agree with whatever they propose. "On with the Show!" you cry.

You're then given help on choosing the perfect family that will help you to fulfill the plan that you've laid out for yourself. And finally, at sometime between conception and birth the soul joins with the physical body. The reincarnation process is now complete for this round.

The importance of understanding the Working Model of Reincarnation is to understand that many of the experiences we "suffer through" actually had a positive intent in the initial planning stages. By remaining non-judgmental of the experience we can then use the lessons to further ourselves and others in personal growth and emotional healing.

Life versus Plan

Now comes those interesting learning experiences that our "wise" council had advised to put into the plan.

You remember now what they meant when they said, "In order to become a person of compassion you will need to be born into a family that has it not."

hmmm You now realize that was their cryptic way of stating you'll need an alcoholic and abusive father and a mother that distances herself becoming addicted to Prozac. And life just keeps getting better from there.

For some of us we're able to accept these learning experiences and actually fulfill the plan. The seed is nourished and grows strong from the manure that it's planted in, and so does the person who lives according to the plan that the Soul created before birth.

But for others the "learning experience" becomes too much. Rather than grow from it, the emotions are repressed and the manure that was meant to fertilize our Spirit stays buried deep within. And thus begins the journey of Emotional Healing.

After Death and The Reincarnation Process

After the death of this current physical body we return to being an Immortal Soul. At first we're greeted by loved ones and guides that have already made the journey before us. It's a welcoming process and a peaceful respite from having just been so caught up in the world of physicality.

After the Welcome Home celebration it's usually time for some R&R, Rest & Relaxation. Sometime afterwards, during this time after physical death, we then review and process all that we have experienced and all that we have learned during the last physical incarnation.

During this review we get to see how close we came to actually doing all that we set out to do. Most of the initial enthusiasm wore out just about the time we first soiled ourselves and realized that we might have gotten into more than we bargained for. But you did you best and your advisor's gently remind you of this fact. You review it all without judgment.

As you begin to now identify with being a Soul again, and no longer just the single person that you once were, that old enthusiasm starts to return. "Darn, I know I could get it right if I had another chance. I'd do it right next time." And with that resolve, the Reincarnation Process begins again.

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