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Relationship Breakups &
Emotional Healing

Relationship breakups can be one of the hardest and most painful emotional experiences that we may ever have to go through in this lifetime. So how can we get through this traumatic time and still function in our daily life?

If you’re finding yourself in the middle of one of these Life Experiences here’s how you can not only survive but also get past the pain with a renewed enthusiasm for life.

The Goal Setting Approach

Usually when I work with people I start by finding out what they want. I’ve discovered that many (most?) people don’t really know what they want, but they know exactly the feelings & emotions that they don’t want.

In most cases I’ll try to help people to come up with a goal or target that’s right for them. But when it comes to relationship breakups, often the only goal that someone can come up with is to just end the pain.

Processing Emotions

With intense emotional experiences the goal is to focus on releasing and purging the painful emotions. The good news is that the process is actually very simple to do.

All of the feelings of hurt, suffering, sorrow and devastation are allowed to surface and be processed, and all without judgment.

In effect, the goal becomes to “process the emotions” in order to release the underlying energy and intensity that you may now be feeling in the moment.

The method that I recommend most for doing this on your own is the Emotional Freedom Technique (see EFT page). Although I recommend working with someone like myself to get to the deep hurts, EFT can help virtually anyone going through one of these deep, hurtful life experiences.

Emotional Baggage

Many people carry over past fears, hurts, worries and other emotional baggage from previous relationships. Each new relationship seems to be a replay of the last one but now with a new Leading Man or Woman.

Releasing the emotional baggage from the relationship breakups allows us to process the hurts, pains and fears so that they are released from the body and so that these emotions don’t surface again and again in the future.

If you’re going through one of these Life Challenges and just need some help getting through it I invite you to call or write to setup a Personal Session and find out if working together for Emotional Healing is right for you.

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