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The Soul and God

What does the Soul and God have to do with Emotional Healing? Does the soul need healing? And how does Reincarnation come into all of this?

As I started using Past Life Regression (PLR) this question kept coming up for me. I was consistently seeing how effective PLR was as a technique but what else was going on?

As I began to study the more esoteric teachings of Reincarnation, it began to make sense and I was able to refine how I used PLR to be in line with these teachings.

I’m often asked by my clients, “What are your beliefs about the soul and God?” Here are my views about what they are and why I choose to use PLR for Emotional Healing.

Emotional Healing and Working Models

I knew that if I wanted to be effective at Emotional Healing that I’d need to use a Working Model that I could apply. Working models don’t need to be “true”, they’re just used to guide and navigate the course of the sessions.

If we’re planning on driving from New York City to Los Angeles we use a map. The map won’t tell us about every bump or turn in the road but it is useful for setting the course. I knew that was the kind of direction that I was looking for when I started my research.

What's the Purpose?

In this working model, God desired to experience God. But since one thing couldn’t experience itself, God chose to create Souls so that these creations could experience God. In this way God could experience God, through the creations.

So the purpose of the Soul is for God to experience God. In the beginning the plan went great. Each was a different creation and each was an expression of a different part of God. Each worked and expressed in harmony with the whole.

Each was aware that it was a unique creation of God, but each also had the internal knowing and certainty that it was God. There was no differentiation between God and the Soul. Each was One with God.


God's creations were given a playground where they could “act out” their individual expressions. This playground would allow each Soul to express it’s own unique aspect of God. And this is the real purpose of each individual’s own Incarnation, to express his and her own unique aspect of God.

Each one of us walking around is really just a creation of a greater Soul. And that is just a creation of a greater God.

But the unique part of you and I, as creations, is that after death the Personality whom we’ve come to know as Bob or Mary, will be re-integrated back with the Soul.

As individual Personality’s, neither Bob nor Mary have ever walked the Earth before, and will never exist again. But as part of the creation, Bob, Mary, Plato, Socrates and both you and I will live on forever.

The Purpose of Reincarnation

As we each began to live our various lives, we forgot about our connection. We forgot that we each were just an individual expression of God and that our purpose was to just BE that expression (see The Reincarnation Process).

So now with each subsequent incarnation, the Soul endeavors to heal old hurts and traumas, specifically so that it can move on and start doing the job that it was designed to do in the first place; to BE that expression of God.

As I’m working with individuals, I’m not trying to heal the Personality, but rather free the Personality of the hurts, traumas and stuck energy so that the Soul has the freedom to come forward and starting Being who it intended to be when it incarnated.

The Purpose of Life

I believe that we each have a high-level plan of what we wanted to accomplish before we were ever born. This was the blueprint that was imprinted on us. The key to Emotional Healing isn’t in learning anything new, but rather unlearning the limiting beliefs that we hold and releasing the emotions that lay buried deep within our Self.

As we release these fears and beliefs we naturally begin to seek what gives us real and lasting pleasure. For me, it’s sharing and teaching these things to others. For some it will be performing music, or painting, or writing.

I believe that when you find what gives you the most lasting and real pleasure, only then have you found what you’re Soul came to do. What will that be for you?

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