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The Principles of The Soul

What is the Soul and how can we make use of it in Spiritual Healing? Are we really immortal? Let�s take a look at how we can use these principles to make a difference in Emotional Healing.

Here I�m talking about the immortal part of the Being. This is the part that was around before we were ever conceived and will be around long after the Physical Body has died.


Who Am I Really?

For most people, the answer to the question, �Who am I,� is the Personality. This is when we identify with �who we are� as our desires, aversions and preferences (see The Ego Personality).

For the very rare and few people that have managed to release the fears and attachments that hold the Personality in place, they�re the ones that we label as Holy or Enlightened.

The Enlightened Masters have all the power and resources of the Soul at their disposal simply because they are in alignment. They have disciplined their desires and released their fears to the point of becoming One with the Soul.

Playing Horseshoes

But you and I don�t have to be �perfect� to bring ourselves closer to alignment. Each time that I release one more fear or let go of one more attachment, I find small miracles happening in my life.

It�s like a game of Horseshoes. This is a game where two people toss horseshoes at a stake in the ground. A Ringer is when a player is able to land the horseshoe perfectly around the stake. But to win you don�t ever have to make a perfect toss. It�s enough just to get close to the target.

With each �letting go� or �acceptence� or �forgiveness� or any other method or technique that you may use, you experience more clarity and freedom. At first it may not seem like much, but each adds and builds upon the next.

The goal of the game is to eventually have a lifetime of Ringers. This is when your personality, the horseshoe, is always in direct alignment with the Soul, the stake in the ground.

Living In Alignment

The Soul has tremendous access to spiritual resources that we can barely understand. When we start to live with our Personality in alignment with the immortal part of ourselves we effectively have access to many of those resources.

The spiritual resources manifest into our lives as small miracles. As we come more into alignment we notice more energy, vitality and series of miracles, or what many people call synchronicities.

So how do we start living in alignment? By first eliminating the fears, the hurts and the worries that subtlely keep us from being able to get in touch with our own �inner knowing�.

Releasing these fears and attachments can be an on-going process in our lives, and with each release we have more access to the Soul.

As an Emotional Healers and facilitators, it is not our job is not to �fix� anyone. Our real job is to assist people to release all that keeps them from experiencing the joy and freedom available to them.

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Recommended books on Spiritual Development:

Dr. Frederick "Rama" Lenz was a teacher of Enlightenment.  He referred to his teachings as American Buddhism.

Snowboarding to Nirvana is one of my favorite books of all time on Spiritual Development because, according to the author, it is a blend of fact and fiction.

Rama reveals his own spiritual journey in a fun and LOL story while also taking the reader into the world of spiritual mysticism.


This CD series The Enlightenment Cycle: Twelve Talks, by Dr. Frederick "Rama" Lenz discusses spiritual development, mysticism, and the daily practices of meditation and mindfulness.

In this series the listener is given a "how to" blueprint for living a spiritual life in our modern-day world.


Tantric Buddhism with Rama is an enlightening, beautiful and brilliant talk on spiritual development from Rama.  His humor, charm and personality is felt throughout the video.

But most important in this video, Rama gives a demonstration of meditating with him.  This is a beautiful opportunity to sit in meditation with a profound teacher of Enlightenment.



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