What Is A Spirit Guide?

A Spirit Guide is someone that has lived before and has went through similar life-lessons that you're expected to go through in your life. They aren't necessarily "wise enlightened masters." They're more like an older brother or sister that wants you to do your best.

The way that they work is usually to cause you to notice clues or insights that help lead you to stay with the plan that you created before birth. The clues may be in the form of a book, newspaper

article or even a television show. Your guides are often very resourceful in their ways to get insights and messages to you.

If you’ve ever felt like someone was nudging you in the right direction, or as if there were someone dropping answers to your unspoken questions, this might just be your spiritual helpers at work.

Types of Guides

There are two primary types of guides. The first is the one that has been with you since birth, and will be with you throughout your life until your death. He/she may also be helping you to crossover, or Transition into the after-life, when you leave your physical body.

The second type of guide is what is known as a Transitional Spirit Guide. A Transitional Guide is someone that comes into your life for a specific purpose. They are not usually there from birth and seldom will they stay with you throughout your entire lifetime.

The job of the main Guide is to assist you in making the decisions on all the things that you had planned to do, while still a Soul, before you were born. It is not the job of the Spirit Guide to assist you in every detail of your life. The job description is usually very narrow for most guides.

The job of the Transitional Guide is to help you by adding they’re own level of expertise. They are usually very accomplished in the specific area that they came to help you with.

As an example, if one of the things that you planned to accomplish during this life was to be a master pianist, then you may be assigned a Transitional Guide that has been an accomplished pianist or musician during his/her lifetime.

This guide may come to you after you’ve already learned your basic piano skills and started doing your recitals. He/she will only stay with you while you’re on your path of becoming a master pianist until they are no longer needed.

Almost anyone that has lived before can be a guide to a living person. The only job requirement is that he/she must be more spiritually advanced than their assigned person is expected to achieve in the current lifetime.

Spiritual Mentor of the Soul

It's important to remember that your guide is really just a few steps ahead of you. It might be useful to think of your Guide as a Spiritual Mentor.

But the loyalty of your Guides is to your Soul and not necessarily to you as an Incarnate Personality. Your Guide will always do his best to steer you towards the plan that your Soul set up.

Help from Spirit Guides

As an Incarnate Personality you can definitely interact with your guide(s) and even request help in a variety of different ways. In most cases, guides are happy to assist when they are asked for help.

Many guides will even become highly protective of their assigned person. They don't like to see us hurt or struggling and they are ready and willing to jump in to help. But, the rule is that they must wait until they are asked before they can step in.

So how can they help? Think of a guide as having an information network that you don't have direct access to. When there is something that you want in your life, ask you guide for help.

If your request doesn't go against the plans of the Soul, very often your guides will be happy to do what they can to assist.

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