Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels

I�m often asked questions about Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels. Is there a difference between the two? Can they help you when you need them? What can they do for you?

Here we�ll talk a bit about these questions and more. We�ll also cover how you can start working with your own spiritual helpers right away.

But most important, we�ll be learning about how these helpers can aide you in your own journey of Emotional and Spiritual Healing.

When I work with people I’m always aware that they already have their own spiritual helpers available to them. With this in mind, I’ll often ask my clients to call on their guides for additional insights and help during sessions.

Healing with Spirit Guides and Angels

Spirit Guides Spirit Guides are sometimes confused with Guardian Angels. The short answer is that a Guide is someone that has lived before in a human body. They have had spiritual experiences similar to what you're expected to go through in this lifetime and they're there to help guide you along the way.

We'll talk more specifically about what are Spirit Guides in the What are Spirit Guides section.

Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels, on the other hand, have never had a physical body. They can be called on for help in a variety of ways and for almost any reason.

Depending on the planned circumstances of your life, you may be assigned one or more, personal Guardian Angels. We'll talk more specifically about what are Angels in the What are Guardian Angels section.

Calling for Spiritual Helpers

There are a myriad of Spiritual Helpers available to you for the asking. They won't do the work for you, and there will still be less desirable life-experiences to go through, but how you experience events in your life can be dramatically changed with the help of your Guides.

Asking for help is as simple as taking a moment to get quiet and centered, and then making a sincere request. It can also be as elaborate as a complete ritual including prayer, lighting incense and candles.

There is no "right way"; however, there are ways that you will find to be right for you. A method that I like to recommend involves a combination of logical thinking and spiritual guidance.

Let's say that you would like help in finding a new job. Take out a sheet of paper and write on the top, "Things I want in my new job." Ask for guidance from your guides and Angels as you begin to fill in the sheet.

When you've exhausted everything you want, label a new sheet, "Things I don't want in my new job." Again ask for guidance and proceed to list things you don't want in your new job.

When you're done, make the request. Tell your Angels and guides that this is the new job that you want. Be ready to take action on any job opportunities or coincidences that come your way.

I also recommend using Guided Meditation recordings to help with initially making contact.

Spiritual Healing

When I'm getting ready to do my own Spiritual or Emotional Healing work, I'll first ask my own Guides and Angels to be present and help me to release as much as I can and to assist me to go deeper into the experience than I could on my own.

This short request has proven always give positive results. And when I don't make the request, it's not unusual for me to not have have the same quality or level-of-depth during my sessions.

Remember that you can ask for almost anything, and very often the results are pleasantly surprising. So start asking for help and notice the results. By taking note of the results when they happen you'll start asking for more, and getting it.

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