Spiritual Healing
Principles and Theories

The Spiritual Body

Spiritual Healing heals the Spiritual Body.

The basic premise that we'll be using for healing emotions through Spiritual methods is based on the existence of the Spiritual Body. The Spiritual Body is made up of the Physical Body, the Mind, the Energy Body, the Ego Personality and the Soul.

The Physical Body

We’re all familiar with the Physical Body. This is what comes out of the mother’s womb and will someday be laid to rest. Born, died and buried. This is the existence of the Physical Body, albeit with some interesting experiences along the way.

The Mind

The Mind is more than a brain. The Mind is what controls the thoughts that we think, and how we process those thoughts. The mind also exists within the Physical body. The Mind is what allows us to ride a bicycle or drive a stick-shift car, ten years after our last time riding or driving. The Mind includes our cellular memory, or the memory stored within the body. For more information see the Mind section.

The Energy Body

The Energy Body is the body that is not seen. This is what the Acupuncturist works with when needles are placed on the Physical Body. It is what people refer to when they speak of the Aura. When an amputee experiences a "phantom limb", or the feeling of the limb that has been amputated, he is feeling the Energy Body. For more information see the Aura and the Energy Body.

The Ego Personality

The Ego Personality is the consciousness having the life experience. The Personality has the likes and the dislikes, the wants and the don't wants. And most important of all, the Attachment to Desires and Attachment to Aversions.

When we hear, "You only live once," this is a true statement when speaking of the Personality. There will always only be this one unique personality. For more information see the Ego Personality page.

The Soul

The Soul is the part of the self that lasts forever. The Soul existed before birth and it will exist after death. In the theory of Reincarnation, within each lifetime a Personality may be born as a man or as a woman but the Soul exists without gender.

At the end of a lifetime the Personality will exit the Physical Body and "cross over", or Transition into the Light. Here the Personality will merge into the Soul, thus the Personality ceases to exist as an independent spirit but will continue to exist as part of the Soul. The Soul is the Higher Self of the human experience and is the sum total of all incarnations. For more information see the Principles of the Soul.


Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing does not mean that we will only be focusing on the spirit. When used in combinations Spiritual Healing offers tremendous potential for overall well-being. However, on this site we'll be focusing on emotional health and well-being.

To "heal" using Spiritual Healing means that we will be using, and affecting, the Physical Body, the Mind, the Energy Body, the Personality and the Soul. To heal the Emotions, each part of the Spiritual Body must be taken into account. In practical terms though, we may only work with one or two of the parts at any given time.

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