The Subconscious Mind

Sure the subconscious mind may hold all the answers, but how do we get to them? How do we begin healing emotions when we don't know what they are, or how they got there?

I'll often get a new client that comes to me and states, "I'm just so sad and depressed all the time and I don't know why."

"The real answers are always, and only, found
within the Subconscious Mind."

My normal response is usually something like, "Great, that means you're working perfectly! You're not supposed to know why. If you knew why that would be way too much information. Then you'd be sad and depressed all the time, and with good reasons. But now we can get to work on releasing those emotions."

Now this may seem a bit shocking at first, but to the person that's had countless conventional therapist try to find reasons for her depression, or well-meaning friends that try to get her to "just be happy", this approach offers hope.

So why is it that we subconsciously put up all of these blocks and barriers to memories.

Just Don't Think About It?

The real problem is that it's just too scary to look at core issues and problems because of all the emotions associated to the events. The walls and barriers are there to keep us from remembering the past hurts and traumas.

After all, it won't hurt if you don't think about it. And if there are subconscious walls and barriers preventing the "thinking about it" we're all good.

But unfortunately just because we're not thinking about it doesn't mean that the fear, pain or anxiety just goes away. It's still there having underlying effects in our life today if the emotion hasn't been released.

Hidden Emotions, But Not Gone

The subconscious mind puts up those barriers to allow the conscious mind to function. But those mental barriers only affect the Thinking Mind, not the Energy Body. From an "energy" perspective, the trauma is still in the Energy Body.

So the adult woman that was molested decades ago still finds herself becoming anxious during physical intimacy with men. She may have no conscious memory of being molested by Uncle Bob as a child. And at the time it may not have even been a very traumatic experience. But she finds that the feelings of shame, guilt and a host of other similar feelings begin to fester and grow within her.

This unfortunately is a common experience among many women. The key to healing emotions is to Release them. But to release them we first need to find them.

Getting to the Root Cause

When I'm working with someone like this it isn't important to remember the traumatic event so much as to release the underlying emotions of the event. Because I know that the Energy of the emotion exists, I can target the emotion by simply asking her to imagine herself in an intimate setting with a man. This is using the Conscious Mind to assess the Energy of the emotion.

As she begins to experience the feelings of anxiety I'll invite her to allow herself to experience the feelings of the anxiety. This will always bring up similar, or "resonating emotions", and other memories associated to those feelings. As each of the memories and emotions come up, we gently release them and allow more to come up.

This is a very effective method for finding the Root Cause, or multiple causes for the "sad and depressed feelings."

In the Methods and Techniques sections we'll be reviewing several ways to get to the information in a How To format. Here we're just beginning to look at How and Why the subconscious mind seems to hide information and put up those blocks.

The Emotional Healer & The Subconscious Mind

Fortunately the conscious mind is an excellent doorway to the hidden emotions. We know that the subconscious mind never forgets.

The conscious mind only acts upon the buried emotions. This is the entry point. By asking, "Where does it hurt?," the emotional healer will find that the subconscious mind will provide many clues if we're just willing to listen for them.

When ever we're faced with someone that doesn't know why she's feeling the way she is, as an Emotional Healer or Facilitator, we should automatically recognize that it's the subconscious mind simply doing it's job. And that job, in line with the Soul Purpose, is to protect and defend the conscious mind so that the Personality can fulfill the Soul's Purpose.

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