Subconscious Emotions,
Thoughts and Feelings

If our emotions are the result of our thoughts and feelings, then how do we change them to get to new and better emotions?

"I've been crying for two weeks straight." Jane told me during a class that I was teaching on Releasing Emotions. Jane needed help and I needed a demonstration volunteer. The scenario was a perfect match.

Conscious Thoughts and Feelings

"I only dated him for 6 months but it was one of those very intense relationships," Jane told the class. Since the break up she had been unable to stop feeling the pain. But were the tears really all about the loss of this relationship?

Her conscious focus was on her pain over the relationship. That didn't take an Emotional Healer to figure this one out. But as we learned more about Mr. Not-So-Wonderful, we found that he had not been very nice to her and that he was an excessive drinker, bordering on alcoholic. So what else was going on?

Subconscious Thoughts and Feelings

I explained to the class that we all have Inside hurts and Outside hurts. The Outside hurts are those that we can see. Those are the events that happen to us. We experience the Outside hurts in relationship break ups, loss of a job that we love, and thousands of other causes and misfortunes.

But when we react out-of-proportion to the Outside hurt it's the subconscious thoughts and feelings that are reacting to the Inside, or suppressed, hurts. In Jane's case it was the long-forgotten pain of loosing her father at an early age that was amplifying the conscious pain of this latest relationship break up.

In the Methods and Techniques sections we'll be reviewing several ways to get information from the subconscious mind in a How To format. Here we're just beginning to look at How and Why the subconscious mind influences the emotions, thoughts and feelings.

In a short demonstration I was able to find the pattern between Jane's last boyfriend and her father. Once she saw that it was her Father that she was really crying for and not her boyfriend, she immediately began to feel relief. It even surprised us all when she stated that he wasn't really all that great of a boyfriend to begin with!

Looking At The Problem

When you and I look at someone's outside problems, as Emotional Healers and facilitators, we need to gauge if the emotions are proportional to the event. That's not always easy and it really is a subjective call, but in most cases this gives us easy access to underlying subconscious thoughts and feelings.

When we allow the person to become aware of those underlying thinking patterns and emotions, she will begin the shift her emotions towards the outside problem all on her own.

Moving to the Next Level

Jane's thinking patterns aren't unique. Her story may have unique twists but the process of finding the underlying emotions will be similar, or sometimes identical, each time we begin to dig for answers.

Now that I was aware of Jane's Inside problem, the pain of loosing her alcoholic father at an early age, I then needed to shift to finding out what emotions were needed to be released that caused her to react in the way that she did.

I had found out that she had ended several relationships in a similar manner. And many of the men in her life were strikingly similar to her father, emotionally abusive, alcoholics. So what caused her to repeat this same pattern in her relationships?

Fortunately this same class experience also allows us to continue with Jane's situation as we begin to look at, Subconscious Behavior Patterns.

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