Trust In God

To �Trust in God� is much easier said than done. For anyone that has any life experience at all, trusting can be often be a daunting task. But to not trust leads to a much more difficult life than the limited self-protection that we attempt when we don�t trust.


What is God

We can use the word God, Life, Source or The Divine, or any other word. Each word is interchangeable and it's all just another way of referring to that eternal �something� that is greater than the individual parts and pieces that make up this vast Universe and all it contains.

I subscribe to the theory that there is a God-Source outside of me that also resides within me. I believe that there is a small piece of the Divine within each one of us and within every thing.

One of my favorite scripture quotes has always been, �The kingdom of God lies within you.� So how is it that we cannot have trust in this Source within?

Trust in God and Healing

Through countless life experiences we have all suffered bumps and bruises. And these weren�t just the experiences of falling off a bicycle when learning to ride but the heartbreak of loosing a first love, or a second, or a third.

We have experienced the loss of friends. We have mourned the death of loved ones. We may have even experienced physical assaults or attacks. How then, we ask, can any loving God within allow this to happen?

One spiritual teacher that I had put it simply, �God is�. That�s it. Life happens. And although we may not be able to avoid the hardships of life, we can heal and grow from them.

The Wisdom of Spirit

The body has an inherent wisdom. If you�ve ever cut a finger or scraped a knee you know that there is nothing that you have to �do� in order to heal. By simply just allowing the process to happen the body knows how to heal and will do so.

And our emotions and our spirit have this same inherent wisdom. By simply just allowing the process to happen the emotions and the spirit know how to heal and will do so. The problem for all of us is that we simply don�t trust in the process when it comes to healing of the soul.

When we hold on to anger, resentment or any other energy that prevents the healing it�s like pouring sand in an open wound. The wound may heal over the sand but it may later become infected and more problems arise later. And such is the way our emotional life works.

To trust in God means to allow that small piece of God within to work. And sometimes it means reaching out to another person, another piece of God, for help. When we accept that we all are a �piece of God�, we can allow the other pieces of the whole to come to our aid when needed just as the right hand comes to the aid of left without ever being called upon to do so. We must just know this happens at it�s own time and not within our own self-imposed deadlines.


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