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What is Karma?

What is karma and does it really have an effect on our everyday life? Karma is like a piece of gum stuck to your shoe. The gum isn�t really good or bad, it�s just gum.

In the study of Enlightenment, the goal is to be free of all karma. After all, who wants to walk around with gum on your shoe?

Bad Karma

Most of us don�t want bad karma in our life. But in reality, there is no such thing as �bad karma�, strictly speaking.

Bad karma is the energy that lingers when we do something that we regret or for which we have feelings of shame, guilt, or other intense self-limiting feelings. This energy, which we call karma, lingers and stays with us. Sometimes this energy can even follow us lifetime after lifetime when the feelings are strong enough.

This energy can then have devastating effects in our life because it is our own self-imposed bindings to these energies of regret, shame, guilt, etc that then cause unwanted situations to continue to be pulled into our life.

The study of what is karma is coming to the realization that karma is not �bad�, per se. The karma is just an energy. To end the cycle of bad karma we need to release the feelings that come up that act as a binding. In other words, we need to get the gum off the shoe.

Who Wants Bad Karma?

No one ever really wants bad karma. What we often do want is a self-preservation from some perceived pain or potential of pain. And it�s this �attachment to aversion� that keeps the energy stuck in place.

As an example, a woman may blame her father for either real or even perceived neglect or abuse as a child. Now as an adult, this woman may be untrusting of men in her life. She may feel that men can never be trusted because they will always end up hurting her in the end.

In this example, the woman may hold feelings of guilt or shame for her own perceived role in her abuse as a child. She may be unwilling to forgive her father, or even emotionally accept the acts of abuse inflicted upon her by her father.

She may subconsciously believe that if she were to forgive her father for the abuse, that would emotionally put her at risk of vulnerability for the acts to occur all over again. This may be true for her, emotionally, even though there is no logical truth of this ever happening again.

Holding on to these feelings then becomes her karma. The karma is neither good nor bad. However, as a result of her karma she now finds that she can never be in a loving relationship with a man that she can trust and unconsciously she finds herself always choosing men that will abuse her.

Karma and Reincarnation

The nature of karma extends beyond childhood. Karma extends lifetime after lifetime. Now that�s some long-lasting gum on your shoe!

We know that we are the person today that is the sum total of every experience that we�ve had in our lifetime. In the theory of reincarnation, we are the sum total of every experience we have ever had, and in each lifetime that we have ever had.

This does not mean that you can necessarily remember each lifetime. Most of us can�t even remember what we had for lunch last Tuesday. Rather, it means that each significant emotional event helps to shape your judgment, beliefs and values.

Fortunately, we do not have to clear out the karma from every single experience in every lifetime to finally have peace of mind. Understanding what is karma, is the nature of karma as energy. As we clear this energy with acceptance, forgiveness and allowance, we find that our entire life experience begins to improve.

If you find yourself trapped in the Karma Bind then I invite you to check out my Personal Sessions page to get started releasing the old binds and creating a new life for your Self.

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